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From highly-finessed, prestige projects such the IWC Schaffhausen / AMG Mercedes, to big bold activations for global brands or live performances in iconic locations, 19d is at home with any subject matter, client personality and project scope – handling anything from props to celebrities or world-leaders with the same adroitness.

With a reputation for delivering extraordinary, large-scale events in new and difficult environments on time and under budget, throughout 19d has delivered many groundbreaking new formats, including the first Xbox Sale (Times Square, NY, 2001) a major public event with Bill Gates 1 month after 9/11; the first-ever Vertical Fashion Show (Chicago, 2003), which involved models suspended from the 11th floor of the Marshall Fields store; the first major event in the newly completed WTC (NYT Dealbook Conference, 2015) and the inaugural public event at New York’s Oculus Transportation Hub (LG Knock for Beats 2017). 

With an uncanny talent for pulling off ambitious events with impossible timelines, 19d has orchestrated 34 fashion shows in 7 days for New York Fashion Week, set up Business Week’s 75th Anniversary at the Metropolitan Museum in only two hours – on Election Night – and built Es Devlin’s technically advanced, award-winning marvel Storyscape for Instagram in just 24 hours. Events delivered in technical & logistically difficult locations range from fashion shows in Grand Central Station to a high-level summit on US-China relations between Madeline Albright & Henry Kissinger, on the 89th floor of ONE WTC while still under construction.

Es Devlins StoryScape for Instagram

19d Design & Production is a focused design group and production house.  Creative, Executive & Technical Production covering all aspects of live events.  Building d full teams specific to each project to ensure the right people for the event.

We strive to fully understand each event’s needs and style, through relationship building and contact. With our years of experience, in all levels of production and project management, we ensure that the project always exceeds client expectations.

With leading edge design we utilize our diverse background to create productions that express both the vision of the client and appeals to the excitement of the attendee.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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